Inaugural Year-2021


STEM, Coding & Robotics Year in Review Inaugural Year 2021

Fundamentals of Coding

This is the first year that a computer coding class has been offered at Lake Shore Middle School. The 7th grade students were taught programming fundamentals utilizing block coding while the 8th grade was learning to code in a programming language called Python. Both classes utilized project based fundamentals. Students had to learn to work on teams both in person and virtually. The videos that follow were projects done by the 8th grade student. Team Molina, Team Gustavo, and Team Daniel highlighted what the 8th grade students learned during the the 3rd nine weeks of the 2021 school year.

Team Daniel

Team Gustavo

Team Molina

We hope you enjoyed the work these students have demonstrated to you. Be prepared, for Lake Shore students will be moving forward and making their marks in the world of technology. Now we hope you will read the comments from the students regarding what they learned during the inaugural year of Coding, STEM and Robotics.

What I Learned This Year

I have learned how to be a leader and how to code on the Amazon code and how to code on CoderZ and and how to be a group player and help others when they needed it. When they were out and they need help when they came back I would help them so that they could get caught up on the work. I learned that sometimes it is good to teach people and not do it yourself because it will hurt them and that is not what you mean to do. - Enyya Morgan

Android Robot

What I Learned This Year

Something that I learned this year is mostly how to have patience and to take my time with everything. At the beginning of the year, when I got my schedule I asked my mom what is this class. Then as soon as I figured out what it was I kept saying I don't want to be in this class anymore. But now that I look back at the year, I'm glad that I never changed this class. It was hard but then after I started getting help and taking my time, I got it down so now I will be taking this class in 8th grade, and this go-round I'm going to be trying the hardest that I can so I can go on trips and build robots. - Kynia Mathis

Zoomer the robot dog

What I Learned This Year

What I learned this year is teamwork, and how to push myself forward. This year was a bit tough but I overcame it because challenges are worth fighting for. I had an amazing time this year with new friends and as being a leader. When I first had this class I didn't want to be in it. It wasn't until they called my mother and told her this was the best class for me. I wanted to give up sometimes because I felt like I could do it no more, but my mother and teachers encouraged me to keep pushing forward because it will only get harder. Thank you, Ms. Handford and Ms. Posey for teaching me a lot this year. Love y'all. I hope next year is a lot to come. - Ja'Liyah Thompson


Robot face

What I Learned This Year

I'll tell you what I learned today. Well,this whole year I didn't learn much. This whole class was just a review of things I already knew. Something I learned was where and how to use some sites that have some premise of learning how to code different things. So that's actually all I learned this year. It was a normal, fun, okay school year. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Something else I learned is how some people think. - Johnny

Computer Monitor with the word coding under it

What I Learned During This Year

One thing I learned this year is being able to lead a team in a good manner. I learned to better understand code this year. I learned how to help other people beat their obstacles. - Diego Roa

Amazon Warehouse

What I Learned This Year

During this school year, in the STEM Coding Robotics class I learned how to program and code things like games with Blockly. I also learned leadership skills and how to work with other people. When it came to our projects, I learned creativity and how to manage time. This class helped me learn robotics as well. - Ken'Nya Jones

STEM - Technology, Engineering, Science, Mathematics in a treee

What I Learned This Year

During our first year in the Stem, Coding and Robotics class I have learned to be more confident in my creativity and leadership skills. This class has given me so many opportunities to shine in what I knew I was good at. Learning how to speak in presentations and making a project come together isn't an easy task. But luckily, this class has given us so many projects to do which helps us to practice more and improve in presentations. This class helps you prepare for the future making you do things that will help your mind enhance to the point you didn't even know you could reach. Not only has this class has brought out my confidence and leadership skills, it has also taught me the basics of coding and the different symbols we can use to represent them. They always need to be precise so that the robot could run. All in all, this is the first year of this program and has opened many opportunities for us especially for those who are going to high school and I'm so excited to see what things each and every one of us will achieve in the future. - Molina Bien-Aime

Robotic arm that says robotics

What I Learned This Year

Since August 2020, I have learned many things, ranging from Python to graphing paper, to having leadership skills during the Art Project! Too bad we didn't get to use JavaScript, :( but it was great having the opportunity to be in the first year of the Coding Fundamentals course! - Dieubesen Michel

Computer Robot on a laptop

What I Learned During This Year

In this year of Stem Coding Fundamentals, I have learned the basics of Python coding. The few basics of coding I have learned were "for" and "while" loops. I also learned that everything in the world is powered by coding. - Gustavo Barrera

Three all in one computers one that says {code}

What I Learned This Year

During this year in my STEM coding fundamentals class, I learned how to code and learned different skills.  This class helped me understand how important it is and how it is going to help me in the future. - Emily Pantoja

Laptop computer with snacks

What I Learned This Year

This year with coding fundamentals it was a pretty great experience with new things and also learning how to work as a team which was pretty fun.  Learning how to code was pretty difficult at first but it'll be a little easier as you get more into it. - Lesly Espinoza

Mini robot

What I Learned This Year

This year I learned many things involving coding. For example, one coding language I learned is Python. For my first experience in coding, I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed the challenge, I'm looking forward to finding a carrier in programming and this class has motivated me to keep going. I also encourage others to take this class because I know they'll enjoy it. - Daniel Garcia

Blocks with letters C O D E

What I Learned This Year

This year in coding class I learned that most of the things we use every day use some type of code.  I also learned how to work as a team and work together and combine our ideas to do our work. - Anahica Edmond


Arrow with the word confidence on it

What I Learned This Year

Being in this Coding Fundamentals has taught me so much, from creativity and leadership, to how to have myself presentable and always ready. I have learned a new coding language that could be used in the future which has opened up so many new opportunities. Being in this class has introduced me to a skill I did not know I had. This class helps boost your confidence to prepare you for anything that stands in your way which enhances your ability to always try your best. This class was a challenge but I pushed through with the help of my fellow classmates and my amazing teachers. - Marck Alsainville

We hope you enjoyed the accomplishments of our students during the inaugural year.  They accomplished more than they ever thought they were capable of accomplishing.  Lake Shore looks forward to next year when the 6th grade will be added to the program.